Workshop on Discrete and Computational Geometry, April 29-30 2024 (in honor of Professor Subhas Chandra Nandy)


The current activities of the Advanced Computing and Microelectronics Unit (ACMU) are focused on different areas of Computer Science and Technology.

  • Theoretical and Applied Research Work

    • Networks and Distributed Computing

    • Design Automation and Testing in VLSI, Biochips and Quantum Circuits, and Formal Verification

    • Algorithms with special focus on Computational Geometry

    • Nanotechnology and Gigascale Integration Techniques

    • Digital Imaging and Digital Geometry

  • Developmental Projects:

    • Internally Funded Projects

    • Externally Funded Projects

  • Teaching and Training:

    • Guiding Ph.D. Students

    • Teaching M. Tech. (Computer Science) students


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